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Learn about the passion infused into each bar.

Welcome to Phoenix Artisan Soaps

Nestled just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Phoenix Artisan Soaps calls the town of Warrenton home to its small business dreams as the freshest natural ingredients are handcrafted into artisan soaps and skincare products.   I started Phoenix Artisan Soaps as a way to bring together my love for art and nature creating a unique cleansing experience that takes over all the senses.  From the savory aromas to the skin soothing lathers, I use old fashioned handcrafted processes to create my own recipes for each of my soaps, body butters, scrubs, and skincare products.  An artisan soap made in small batches, a form of art that can be delivered to others homes offering a unique self-pampering experience or a gift to treat others.  Each batch is new and exciting - the creative possibilities are a journey.  Every oil and fragrance has its own personality.  Each soap tells a story, and is a gift to your body delivering the finest nutrients and oils it deserves.  

Why a Phoenix?

I am not one to talk about myself, but if I could describe myself it would be like the Phoenix.  Not the bold, fiery bird we know it as.  But what it symbolizes.  We are constantly renewing, evolving, changing.  We are taught to make an identity for ourselves but it’s impossible to put yourself into one box. Child, Teenager, Adult, Spouse, Mother, etc. But we are constantly changing and evolving, there will not be one singular word to describe us.   When I became a mother I thought this was it, that’s my title, and I wanted to be more than “so and so’s” mom.  And I am: Artist, Bookworm, Gardener, Soap Maker, as well as mother and spouse.  

Why I went into soap making?

It’s always been a craft I have wanted to dive into.  Then I made the leap, and it became this abyss of exploration and learning.  I looked into all the chemicals we rub on our skin and realized how much better my skin felt after using my soaps, body butters, and sugar scrubs.  I wanted less chemical ingredients, and more natural items I could identify within my products.  These natural properties also helped my family with dry skin (In the winter my husband’s hands would have cuts all over his knuckles and fingers from the dry weather, eczema, etc.) I love making and creating.  Soap making is the best of two worlds.  There’s the scientific chemical balance, timing, and order.  Then there is the artistic side to make it beautiful.  What other fields would allow you to be a Scientific Artist? 


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